Global uncertainties, volatile markets, disrupted business landscapes, and shifting priorities generate swirling storms of emotion and stress in workplaces.

As leaders, we are on the frontline, navigating the upheaval caused by heightened emotions under what feels like relentless pressure. As stress levels rise, we often see increased anxiety in ourselves and our team members, wavering focus, and surges in workplace conflict. Our role, as leaders, is to provide guidance and stability, stay the course, and accomplish our objectives. In times like these, emotional intelligence is the most powerful tool we have to navigate these tempests. 

Instructors Dr. Lisa Brooks-Greaux and Bridgitt Haarsgaard have grappled with workplace conflict and stress as leaders and executive consultants. Their whole-person management view recognizes that where we go, so too go our emotions. Together they developed the roadmap shared in this course and have used it to teach countless leaders how to develop the self-awareness necessary to hone their emotional intelligence, become a beacon for their team, and lead with empathy in this complex world. 

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Emotional Intelligence

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The GAARD Group Product Suite

Learn to forge strong connections with those around you through empathy and uncover the secrets to recognizing and skillfully managing emotions and stress.

  • Explore The Twin Pillars of Emotional Intelligence: At the heart of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and emotional regulation reign supreme. 
  • Discover Tactics for Navigating the V.U.C.A. Terrain: Use the power of emotional intelligence as your compass in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. 
  • Anticipate Escalation, Recognizing the Rungs of The Emotional Ladder: Emotions escalate predictably. When you recognize the stages, you can skillfully de-escalate emotions before they erupt. 
  • Create a Sanctuary: Discover how creating an environment where safety thrives, fortifies relationships and trust. 
  • Crack the F3 Response:  Unravel the mysteries of the flight, flight, or freeze response and stop it in its tracks with a battle-tested model. 
  • The 6 C’s of Inclusive Leadership: Successfully foster diversity and unity. 
  • Communicate in High-Pressure Situations: Respond not react to stay calm and clear, even when the stakes are high.

Emotional Intelligence

    1. Welcome to Emotional Intelligence

    2. What is Emotional Intelligence?

    3. Living in the V.U.C.A. World

    1. Climbing the Emotional Ladder

    2. Understanding the Emotions of Others

    3. Scanning for S.A.F.E.T.Y.

    4. Managing the F3 Response

    5. Understanding Our Brain Waves

    6. The S.T.O.P. Model

    1. The 6 Cs of Inclusive Leadership

    2. The Steve Story

    3. The Levels of Listening

    4. Emotional Intelligence in Action

    1. 44-Page Learning Guide

    2. The 3Cs of Credibility

    3. Emotional Intelligence in Action Worksheet

    4. Brain Waves Chart

    5. E.I. in Action Worksheet

    6. Physical Response Portrait

    7. SAFETY

    8. SIX Cs


    10. Suggested Reading

    11. Key Concepts


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Bridgitt Haarsgaard

CEO and Founder of The GAARD Group

Bridgitt has a background in Sales, Sales Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She developed the GAARD Method to create actionable and lasting behavioral change in the business world and beyond. Bridgitt uses her Clinical Psychology education to prepare professionals—from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives—for the challenges of today’s business environment. She specializes in individual and team effectiveness, women’s leadership, as well as innovation & change management. Her methodology has propelled over 10,000 careers on four different continents.

Dr. Lisa Brooks-Greaux

Lead Expert & Partner of The GAARD Group

Lisa has a background in Sales, Sales Leadership and Talent & Executive Development. She utilizes her ED.D. Organizational Effectiveness education to coach professionals in the financial services and life sciences sectors to meet the demands of their business. She specializes in Talent and Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Mentoring and Sponsorship.