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Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

Meaningful & strategic cultural change.
1.5 hr Video | 11 Lessons

Dismissing workplace psychological safety as rhetoric or fad is a strategic mistake for any business. The data is clear - companies that prioritize workplace wellness reap substantial rewards in productivity and profitability.

By design or default, a company’s consideration for safety or lack of consideration affects its employees’ willingness to invest their full efforts, directly impacting your bottom line. Without safety, stress increases, morale breaks down, trust is low, productivity slows, and business outcomes suffer. Businesses and leadership who actively promote and defend safety promote and defend the products of safety — creativity, productivity, innovation, and the financial benefits of these products. 

This course on Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety was initially developed for a client, one of the world's most innovative Fortune 100 companies. The course is led by industry experts Bridgitt Haarsgaard, Lisa Lemond Lane, and Edwin Williams, a GAARD team with a proven track record of transforming organizations through fostering cultures of psychological safety. This transformative 11-part series empowers leadership with the knowledge, strategies, and skills necessary to cultivate environments where innovation can flow as team members feel secure, valued, and included - where leadership recognizes that the business rewards for building safety into culture aren’t just a happier workforce, but the financial benefit of increased engagement, care, and effort. 

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Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

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In this era of increased competition for talent and bleeding-edge innovation, make psychological safety your organization’s strategy for sustainable success.

  • Truly Understand Psychological Safety: Go beyond the buzz words and gain real insights into the reason that psychological safety plays such a pivotal role in team effectiveness, and learn why its importance has grown in response to today's ever-changing work landscape. 
  • Leverage Emotional Intelligence to Better Lead: Learn more about the critical leadership skill of Emotional Intelligence and discover how developing this essential competency helps not only create a psychologically safe environment but also helps to perpetuate environments that fuel innovations. 
  • Strong Leadership through Emotional Regulation: Understand how situations diminish our ability to support safety for others and learn strategies that allow you to regulate and adjust your own emotional responses so you can lead. 
  • Explore the Four Stages of Psychological Safety: Unlock the four distinct stages of psychological safety and learn leadership behaviors and strategies you can use to progress your team members through each stage. 
  • Harness the Power of Inclusivity and Diversity: Uncover practical approaches to embrace diverse perspectives and foster an inclusive culture. 
  • Have Courageous Conversations: Equip yourself with the tools and confidence to initiate and navigate difficult conversations with empathy, transparency, and a solutions-oriented mindset. 
  • Embrace Continuous Improvement: Encouraging risk-taking, innovation, adaptability, and a growth mindset within your organization is a strategy for success. 
  • Encourage Excellence through Communication: Discover strategies for creating a communication-rich environment where ideas flow freely and feedback is constructive and empowering. 

Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

    1. Welcome to Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

    2. Psychological Safety is More Important Now Than Ever

    1. The Four Stages of Psychological Safety

    2. First, Understand Yourself!

    3. Understanding Others

    4. Emotional Intelligence in Action

    1. Stage 1: Inclusion Safety

    2. Stage 2: Learner Safety

    3. Stage 3: Contributor Safety

    4. Stage 4: Challenger Safety

    1. Putting it All Together & Creating a Plan

    1. Course Learning Guide

    2. Leaders & Managers Evaluation Learning

    3. Emotional Intelligence in Action

    4. Action Plan

    5. Key Concepts


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Bridgitt Haarsgaard

CEO and Founder of The GAARD Group

Bridgitt has a background in Sales, Sales Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She developed the GAARD Method to create actionable and lasting behavioral change in the business world and beyond. Bridgitt uses her Clinical Psychology education to prepare professionals—from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives—for the challenges of today’s business environment. She specializes in individual and team effectiveness, women’s leadership, as well as innovation & change management. Her methodology has propelled over 10,000 careers on four different continents.

Lisa Lemond Lane

Lead Expert & Partner of The GAARD Group

With over 25 years of experience in corporate and consensus communications, Lisa is a skilled executive coach who understands that effective communication is crucial for personal and professional growth. The focus of her teaching techniques and communications strategy development is confidence. Lisa knows that the key to reaching our goals lies in mastering the art of clear expression. Through her coaching, Lisa empowers people to overcome their fears, speak up, and ask for what they want.

Edwin Williams

Lead Expert & Partner of The GAARD Group

With over 17 years of strategic insight and technical acumen, Edwin is a luminary in the realm of leadership. He identified an underserved need in leadership development within the engineering and technology sectors, leading him to found a firm dedicated to unlocking the leadership potential within these professionals. His innovative approach empowers them to rally their teams and address some of the world’s most complex problems.